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A Homegrown Tour!

It’s our homegrown tour y’all! That’s right, these yankees are heading to our beautiful Maine this fall! And this year, we are doing something a bit different for Tal & Acacia. We will already be on our way to Maine- so if you are on the route and can provide a hotel to stay, then let the games begin!

The tour kicks off October 16, 2013. SO, if you are a hour (or less) from the interstates 40, 81 or 95 (think Tennessee to Maine, and vice versa,) and your church or venue can provide a hotel, (love offerings are always welcome,) before or after that date- contact Tal & Acacia (on their band page via Facebook) and you can be a part of their homegrown tour! This autumn…it’s New England or bust!


Tour Dates:

October 18th, 6pm at The Root CellarScarborough, ME

October 19th, 7pm at EastPoint Christian Church / Portland, ME

October 27th, 10am at Central Baptist Church / Westfield, MA



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